Stylus Duo Clean Lab-21 formula is a complete and effective cleaning solution for the delicate tip stylus.


Removes dust and adhered dirt particles. Its non-abrasive cleaning fluid improves tonal accuracy, tracking ability and High Fidelity performance. Extends both stylus and record life and it's completely safe for all stylus and cardtriges assemblies.

Special Double Set for preserving the purity of the Cleaner. Bottle One contains the stylus cleaning solution and brush. Bottle Two contains the rinse solution for the brush, keeping it debris free which in turn helps preserve the contents of Bottle One.

Content of the box

  • Cleaner. 15 ml. glass bottle built-in soft brush in cap.

  • Rinse Solution. 15 ml. glass bottle.

  • Instructions (English, German, French and Spanish).


Its formula is made from high purity materials.  It can be used safely before each play because it contains non-toxic components.