About Us


Winyl is a brand specialized in gramophonic record cleaners and accessories created in Spain on 2015. We are record collectors, and so we strive in offering quality products at a reasonable price.


When this project was born, we defined our goals, which are:


  • Our products are manufactured in Spain, we do not sell or import products by other manufacturers or from other continents.


  • All our cleaners must work without leaving any trace on the groove, so they do not contain any unnecessary components like artificial brighteners or unwanted contaminants.


  • All our suppliers are Europe-based; many of them located in Spain, and are leaders of their respective fields. Moreover, we perform quality tests to all components before using them.


  • Each product is designed for a specific use case, so we only create unique products, and we do not produce a single multiuse formula and change its label and name.

We hope to have convinced you to use our products. If not, remember to always use high quality products to take care of you collection. Do not forget microscopic dirt inside the groove, invisible to the eye, dampens the sound and damages the stylus.


For any question or comment you can contact us at shop@winylcleaner.com


Greetings and enjoy the music, on vinyl if possible.