Winyl Spray


Winyl Spray is a fluid vinyl cleaner for everyday use, specially designed to keep your vinyl collection in good condition.


Its formula has been developed to leave no residue in the groove. Its ingredients are Laboratory Grade to guarantee no trace of contaminants.


Contains biodegradable high penetration power surfactants of last generation. It also removes the static electricity accumulated on the record surface.


It's effective against many types of dirt, fingerprints, dust, grease, sand, tobacco residue, oils, residue from other cleaners, etc.




  • Spray 250 ml. PET clear bottle, sealed in plastic bag.

  • White microfiber cloth, high grammage 200g/m2.

  • Instructions in 5 languages (EN, ES, FR, DE, IT)

Ref./SKU  WS-250


Do not use on Shellac recordings (78 rpm)